Get Back in the Saddle for September

Get Back in the Saddle for September

We find ourselves in the sultry, dog days of August, the time of year when days are long and nights are warm. But even though the sun sets earlier than it did back in July, there is still enough daylight lingering at the end of the workday for summer’s many diversions. Enjoy it while it lasts, for Labor Day is fast approaching!

Vacation days and summer hours are coming to an end, and September means renewed attention and focus on business, with an extra push to get everything done before the holiday season kicks in. For many people, September can bring on elevated stress and anxiety about what has to be accomplished before year-end.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the transition from summer to September as stress-free as possible:

Be prepared and don’t let work pile up.

Don’t put off doing work that can’t or shouldn’t wait until September. Postponing deadlines can leave you overwhelmed and the quality of work suffers. It is more effective to parse out the work in modest chunks, even if it means doing a little extra work when it is still summer.

Get organized in August.

Start to schedule meetings and calls so that you are ready to get to it right after Labor Day. Few people want to schedule meetings for the end of August—people often go away for a long Labor Day weekend—so get things on the calendar for when the month ends.

Find an accountability partner.

Transitions can be made easier when you have an accountability partner to help you get through the rough patches. A business colleague, trusted advisor, or even a fitness coach can keep you on track when September rolls around and for the rest of the year as well.

Don’t let the summer wipe away your motivation and drive. Be your best self when you come back to the office in September, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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