Why Being Different is Better than Being Better

Why Being Different is Better than Being Better

When someone tells you, “Our product is better than what you are currently using,” what do you think? Do you get excited, lean forward, and say, “Tell me more!” Or are you guarded and skeptical, because, well, you’ve heard that line a million times?

The truth is that most of us, with even the smallest bit of business savvy, can tell when we are being “sold.” The old trope of the used car salesman rings loud and clear: whatever you’re selling, I don’t want it. Our instinct, it seems, is never to buy if someone tells you someone is better than what you have.

I’ll tell you, there’s a better—and much more effective—sales tactic that won’t leave customers skeptical and put off. The approach is simple: persuade them why you and your product/service are different.

Here’s how it works:

Suppose your prospect says to you, “I’m happy with ABC Company because of XYZ reasons.” Your cue to respond, “I understand you’re happy with them, but would you like to know what makes us different?

Most prospects will be intrigued and look for more information. Your golden goal then is to validate your points of differentiation and equate them with an improvement. (Differentiation does not always mean cheaper, faster, or shinier. You should have verifiable proof that your product/service is actually different than theirs.) Does your product/service do more? Is it more effective? Have others tried it and loved it?

Presenting your points of differentiation is a highly consultative sales approach and can result in increased positive outcomes especially when you are selling against the competition. If you can’t persuade a prospect of the value in being different, you may have already lost the sale!

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