So, What Will be Different?

So, What Will be Different?

Here we are at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022 and plotting our course for the new year.  Though I believe that we should always be looking at what we are doing and making mid-course changes based upon the results we are seeing or not, many people use this time of year to reflect and project.

I say that we should reflect, adjust, and project.

As we look back on 2021 we all know whether or not it was a good year for our business, great year, terrible year, or somewhere else on the continuum.  The key is, what are we going to do differently as we start 2022?  Yes, differently.  What are we going to do to improve our 2022 outcome over 2021?

If ’21 was a terrible year, making change(s) could be the difference between staying in business or not.  You need to jump on this and get going ASAP, for if you don’t, you are destined to continue at the same level.  Talk to experts, your accountant, friends with similar businesses, get some ideas, and get the best ones implemented.

If you had a fine year, good year, great year, you also should be looking to see what you can do differently.

What is going to help you keep the momentum going and build upon it in ’22? Here are some ideas – – – (no matter where on the continuum your 2021 landed) – – –

  • Start/continue/enhance a social media effort
  • Spend more time networking – maybe in a different group, maybe more vigorously in a current group, in a charity?
  • Work with a business coach or coaching group
  • Add staff
  • Outsource a task(s) to specialists – who can usually do their specialty better than you can – to free-up some of your own time for other efforts
  • Blog more frequently
  • Present to groups – in-person or remotely
  • Update your website…..

Whatever it is, get it going.  The quicker you do it differently, the quicker your results will change.  Regardless of where 2021 ended for you, you need to do it differently in 2022 whether it be to survive or to thrive.

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