It’s Never Too Late To Launch a Business

It’s Never Too Late To Launch a Business

Ah, the “Great Resignation,” who amongst us has not heard this oft used phrase when discussing the seismic shift in business that occurred during Covid.

Individuals losing their jobs because their industry was decimated (i.e., hospitality), or leaving their employment because the juggling required to home school their children while concurrently being a business-person/parent/etal, was just too much, or folks that simply stepped back, evaluated their current situation, and realized that it was now or never to launch the business they had been thinking about for years.

It was a time of change, for certain. Work from home became the norm, and if your business could be executed remotely, then the barrier to entry was significantly reduced. Getting started still had its challenges, but several hurdles were knocked out of the way because of the pandemic.

There was another segment that was also part of the Great Resignation, and these individuals were getting close to retirement or were at the very least, late in mid-career. They were secure in their position, and suddenly their security was shaken….and with 2, 5, or 10 years left to go, they made the leap into entrepreneurial life and found it exhilarating. At age 40, 50, 60 or more, they found themselves with a new business card (perhaps digital) and a new identity.

Thrilling and scary at the same time.

And while there’s still ageism, for now, it seems like that has been cast to the side.

As is often said, age is just a number.

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