Marketing and Promotion Ideas That Work For Me

Marketing and Promotion Ideas That Work For Me

Effective marketing goes beyond simple ad placement in local publications; it is about establishing a distinct voice that speaks directly to your potential customers. It’s also about making these potential customers not only believe in your business, but also support it and want to see it grow.

This can be accomplished using many marketing tactics, some of my personal favorites I will talk about over the next few blog posts.

Enlist with Local Trade Associations:
There’s no better way to learn than to observe your competition. Join local trade associations and business networks and surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who are going through – or have already gone through – the same struggles that you might be experiencing. Listen to what they’re doing with their companies – what works, what doesn’t. Take note of ideas and opportunities that could be beneficial for your business. Most importantly, pay attention to how other businesses are presenting themselves and make it a point to avoid marketing or communicating like them.

Trade Shows:
Go to trade shows and try to interact with the people you meet there outside the show environment. Begin to establish a network of professional peers that you can refer clients to and ask for the same in return. In doing this, you will begin to make a name for yourself while also establishing a solid referral resource.

Market Yourself Online:
It’s hard to ignore the fact that a lot of marketing is now going this route. If you’re already online, good for you for being with the game; if you’re not, though, it’s time to catch-up. Seek out and join online communities like , and especially the local opportunities like  Join groups that are affiliated with your type of business. Speak to the members and exchange messages.

By constantly marketing your name and your business’s name, you begin to establish an identity in the industry – a positive one at that – and you’ll find that most people will be that much more willing to do business with you, offer advice and even recommend your company should the opportunity arise.

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