Three Ways To Ensure You Meet Your Goals in 2020

Three Ways To Ensure You Meet Your Goals in 2020

It’s January and if you’re like me, and many others, you’ve probably set some ambitious goals for the New Year that lies ahead, and given that the year is new (as is the decade), you certainly have a good shot at accomplishing them!

But what about in October when 2020 is winding down? Will you still be on the road to success?

Here are three things you should do right NOW to help to ensure you meet your goals:

Record your goals and check your progress on a regular basis

Once you establish your goals, the next step is to write them down or record them in one of the many effective goal-setting apps available today. These apps enable you to document your goals as well as assess your progress and modify as required. The problem with setting goals is that they tend to remain top of mind for a relatively short amount of time and then may fall by the wayside as habitual behaviors take over. By checking in on yourself on a regular basis, you have a much better chance of seeing your goals come to fruition. As they say, that which gets recorded, gets done, is certainly true for goal setting.

Set small, achievable steps along the way

It is always helpful to break goals down into smaller “milestones” that serve as your action plan and encourage you to keep moving forward. In addition to these milestones, it is also beneficial to regularly review this “action-plan” that is required to achieve the goals.

Reward yourself

Establishing a reward for yourself when you accomplish your goal is an excellent strategy, however, when the goal/s are long-term the reward itself may be too far into the future. A better strategy is to reward yourself along the way so that you remain motivated and focused on the end result. Rewards will also help to reinforce the behaviors that you must embrace in order to accomplish your goal.

Think about it. It’s still January and there’s plenty of time to put these steps into place but start now before too much time passes by and your goals become ever more difficult to accomplish.

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