Six Ways to Show Gratitude

Six Ways to Show Gratitude

There’s a lot of attention being paid these days to gratitude, what it means and how it can benefit our lives. I’m all for it and think that if we can substitute gratitude for a little of the self-centered, it’s all about me type of focus that is so pervasive today, we’d all be a bit better off.

Getting into the gratitude groove isn’t difficult and here are six suggestions for how you can show gratitude:


I can’t say enough about being a volunteer. There are so many different organizations that could use the help that there is bound to be one, or many, that you can support. Work on a grassroots effort or look to larger, nationwide organizations; regardless of your interests, there’s bound to be an effort where you can help out.

Do something for nothing

Show your appreciation and gratitude for your clients by offering them something of value without any associated cost. This could take the form of an extra service or some sort of beneficial “add-on” to the work that you’re currently doing. Explain that your offer is to show your gratitude for their ongoing business and support.

Make valuable introductions

Business people thrive on introductions to potential clients, referral sources or networking contacts with which they may have some synergies. Demonstrate gratitude by making introductions and proactively connecting people in your circle of contacts.

Say thank you

Saying thanks is a hard-wired habit for some but unfortunately not for all. Show your gratitude and appreciation for something that was done for you by saying thank you. You can even go one step further and send a handwritten thank you card. You’ll be amazed at how much you will surprise and please the recipient.

Give freely of your expertise

Are you a subject matter expert or highly regarded practitioner with a specific skill? Consider teaching a class, running a group or in some way making your knowledge accessible to many.

Compliment others on a good job

If someone does a good job for you, let them know it. Send a quick email, drop them a quick handwritten note. An ‘atta boy’ always goes a long way and shows your appreciation for what was done for you.

There are also various “gratitude groups” on Facebook and you might find that being public about your gratitude and sharing it each day helps you to be attentive for all that you should be grateful. This type of reminder can help you to maintain focus on that which is good in your life.

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