Solopreneur or Not. Everyone Needs a Professional Address and Office Environment.

Solopreneur or Not. Everyone Needs a Professional Address and Office Environment.

We seem to have come full circle. Gone are the days when working out of Starbucks or its equivalent was the acceptable solution to “not having an office”. In those days the cacophony and lack of professional ambiance were ignored and we even got used to sitting cheek by jowl with other patrons all the while competing with the piped-in music, endless chatter and the sound of baristas hard at work. We knew it then, and are even more aware of it now – in this type of environment you can’t concentrate or have a quiet conversation with a client or business associate. It simply doesn’t work; working in an office environment is critical for many interactions!

Having an office conveys professionalism and business stability, and provides clients and business contacts with peace of mind and confidence, both of which are required for a successful business relationship.

Going one-step further, I contend that this same idea holds true for your physical address. While home offices are more accepted now than they were in the past, there remain some clients and business contacts that are skeptical about a business that operates out of Bar Beach Road, Winding Drive or Hummingbird Lane. I suspect you might know a few clients that are disparaging of anyone that has a business address that is most assuredly their home. Many larger firms have policies in place that prohibit them from working with home-based businesses.

And while we are at it many business owners also feel uncomfortable about having their home address on their letterhead, newsletter or any other documents that have mass distribution. For some it feels like an invasion of privacy breaching the boundaries between home and work, and it certainly creates security concerns.

Of course, Champion Office Suites is the solution. We can provide business owners with a professional and well-recognized business address, part-time office and full-time executive suites as well as flexible and affordable managed office services including (but not limited to) meeting room rental and conference rooms, mail address service and mail forwarding and telephone receptionist and voice mail service.

Don’t run the risk of undermining your brand and professional image when there is an easy and affordable solution at hand. It just might be time to change the address on your letterhead!

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