Productivity Tips for the Very Motivated

Productivity Tips for the Very Motivated

Stuck in a productivity rut?

It’s probably a fact that even though you get “stuff” done chances are also good that you wrestle with the ongoing issue of “how can I do more?” or “How can I be productive about what matters?”

For many individuals it can be vexing that regardless of how much they accomplish there are always people that seem to achieve more. People that are at the helm of multiple businesses; lawyers that are also best selling authors; business owners that run successful companies but also find the time to train and participate in competitive sports, marathons and triathlons. How do they do it?

Here are some productivity hacks that just might enhance your personal productivity:

Set your intention each day

Being productive doesn’t happen “by chance.” Highly productive people have a game plan and follow it without fail. They might deviate from the plan when emergencies arise and get in the way but the majority of the time they know exactly what they have to do and how they intend to do it.


Allow others to help you. Focus on the important things that you do well and let others do tasks that are ‘less important’ and/or something that you are not so good at. Leverage your capabilities and strengths and leverage the capabilities and strengths of others on your team.

Early or late, it’s more important to pay attention to WHEN you do your best work

Lots of people are most productive the very first thing in the morning but there are many that can accomplish much more later in the day or even into the wee hours of night. The key is to understand your own body rhythm and take advantage of your personal productivity “clock.” Leverage the time of day that works best for YOU and you will be more productive overall.

Get moving

Building in time for exercise is a must and highly productive people make it a point to keep moving. Working out at the gym, swimming, dancing, yoga, jogging or even rigorous yard work can keep you in shape as well as releasing endorphins that can boost productivity.

Perhaps the most important thing to recognize is that being productive is a choice. For some people it’s an intrinsic part of their personality; for others, a little more effort is required. Just ask any productive person that you know – the rewards greatly outweigh the effort that it takes!

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