Three Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Three Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

It’s generally agreed upon that happy and satisfied employees are more productive, efficient and loyal and so with that being said you would think that employers would do more to ensure employee satisfaction. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Employee dissatisfaction is rampant and there seems to be some general misunderstanding about what needs to be done.

This is a huge topic and let me tell you now that I don’t for a minute think that I have ALL of the answers, but I do believe that if employers paid a little more attention to the following there would be greater employee satisfaction in their own companies:

  1. Provide employees with more control. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that employees should start to make high-level corporate decisions that impact the entire firm. No indeed, but how about decisions that impact them personally? Things like the ability to decorate their office or cubicle and make it feel like their home away from home, offering flex time so that they might be able to avoid the worst of rush hour or be home earlier in the day to take care of their children or even by eliciting their feedback on certain policies. It’s amazing how people will more attentively follow policies and procedures when they have helped in their very creation.
  2. Provide opportunities for social interaction. Let’s face it. Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, at least during the workweek anyway. How about bagels for breakfast on Friday, employee dinners, company team sports, a company book club or just about anything that can help employees to communicate better and relate to each other on a personal level. The camaraderie that develops will go a long way to helping the employees feel more “bonded” and satisfied at work especially when they have to ride out a tough patch, need to work longer hours or there is any sort of disagreement or wrinkle in their work environment.
  3. Have well-defined career paths for employees. No one likes to feel as if they are stuck in their job without any opportunity for growth and advancement. Employees crave the self-esteem and self-actualization that are derived from being recognized and rewarded for a job well done. Sure money is great and no one is going to turn down a salary increase or bonus but at the end of the day, the opportunity for more responsibility and recognition is as important. Support their desire for career advancement by cross-training them and by helping them to otherwise develop more skills.

It all seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? There are other ways to do to stimulate increased employee satisfaction but the three suggestions offered here are a great place to start and as always the best time to start is now.

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