Working in a Home Office is Great Except When…

Working in a Home Office is Great Except When…

Let’s face it, working at home is very appealing. No interruptions, a 15-second commute, no one looking over your shoulder, time to play with the dog or throw in a load of laundry…what could be bad?

But the truth is that while it is great most of the time there are certain situations when a home office just won’t do.

For instance:

  • You have an exciting new prospect and a big presentation has been scheduled. You have a lot riding on this potential new piece of business and you want to make certain that no balls get dropped! This type of meeting cannot be held at home regardless of how well set up and professional your home office might be (and a diner or a hotel lobby won’t cut it either). You want to make the very best first impression and a more formal work environment will set the stage for your presentation and the beginning of this new professional relationship.
  • Your work schedule includes specific days or times when you need total concentration and quiet to conduct teleconferences or webinars or simply to do high-level client calls. Sure your home office is convenient but you also run the risk of extraneous noises that smack of being at home (i.e. kids, dog, neighbors, garbage truck, etc.) and make you sound and feel less than professional. Putting someone on hold to hush the dog will break your concentration and undermine your professional image.
  • You need a large volume of copies, access to video conferencing equipment or other office technology that is rarely found in a home office. It’s very convenient to be able to come into an office that has the technology already in place.
  • While you like the autonomy of working at home there are days when you know that you would be more disciplined and productive in an office, even if just for part of the day. It can be difficult to be
    continually motivated and being with other people hard at work can help you to “get down to business.”

The best solution might be a combination of both – and of course, that’s exactly what we offer here at Champion Office Suites. Flexible office solutions to meet your unique requirements allowing you to marry the convenience of working at home with the professionalism that is found in an outside office when you need it. Frankly, it’s the perfect arrangement.

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