Top Tips to Starting the New Year Off Right

Top Tips to Starting the New Year Off Right

Yes it’s January. Clean slate and all that, and resolutions, well, they abound. Regardless of whether or not you believe in resolutions and make proclamations to change things up a bit in the New Year, it IS a terrific time to take stock and see if there are a few things that you can implement for the good.

Of course, resolutions are highly personal (I for one do not see myself learning to speak Chinese in 2014!) but clearly there are things that we can ALL do to improve the coming year.

My ideas are below. Do you agree?

Don’t get caught up in the New Year’s resolutions frenzy and over commit yourself. Like all good goals (!), resolutions should be achievable. Sure, they should cause you to “stretch” just a wee bit, but not to the point where you get despondent over your failure to measure up and accomplish what you set out to do.

Take baby steps. If your goal is to improve sales, then make a comprehensive plan that includes doable tactics that you can execute daily or weekly and that can make a difference. If you are one of those folks that want to lose weight then set about doing so in a healthy manner; starvation doesn’t work or at least for very long. The key here is to not bite off more than you can accomplish.


Reward yourself when the positive changes start to occur. We all crave recognition and appreciation. Who says that we can’t pat ourselves on the back?

Make it fun. It you enjoy the process then you will enjoy the outcome even more. Anything that is sheer drudgery and a chore to do is something that you will soon figure out how not to do.

Remember that starting on January 1st is a choice. Who said that you couldn’t begin your improvement plan on Jan 21st or Feb 9th? The key is to find that middle ground between keeping it loose but not so open-ended that you don’t have quantifiable goals.

And that brings me to my last, and perhaps most important tip. Make certain to apply  some sort of measurement or accountability to your actions. The statement “that which gets measured will often get accomplished” holds true.


And once again from all of us here at Champion Office Suites, Happy New Year.

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