The Importance of Saying "Thank You" During the Holidays

The Importance of Saying "Thank You" During the Holidays

Well the holiday season is finally here although the major retailers would have had us believing that it started sometime around Labor Day.

Parties, festivities, gift buying and some hyper-busy days and nights that will run all the way though the ringing in of 2014.

But let’s step back and somehow in the midst of these frenetic activities, we should also find the time to say thanks. No really, just thanks.

I’m not talking about the thanks represented by tangible gifts, but the thanks that goes deep into the hearts and souls of the recipients.

Things like:

· Helping elderly neighbors with some yard work
· Taking time to really BE with your family WITHOUT any devices to take away your attention
· Volunteering at a food pantry
· Exploring community groups that help the disadvantaged that live in your very own backyard
· Giving a charitable donation to an “orphan” charity (the ones that are so desperately in need of funding yet do not have the same recognition as the charitable “biggies”)
· Making calls to 5 relatives or friends that have fallen off of your radar screen and asking how they are (and really caring)
· Giving the gift of “time” to employees, friends or family that have too much to handle by taking over one of their tasks for a day or more

Simple, huh? Start now and say thanks to someone today.

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