The Turkey Can’t Say Thanks But You Can!

The Turkey Can’t Say Thanks But You Can!

So it’s that time of year again when the sights and sounds of the season cannot be ignored. Truth be told, the holiday season is starting earlier and earlier, pretty much after Labor Day, with all of the stores jockeying for our attention and our dollars.

But before we get to the major gift-giving frenzy, we find ourselves at Thanksgiving. Less frenzied to be sure (unless you’re the one doing all of the cooking for the immediate AND extended family) but clearly a part of this celebratory season.

Thanksgiving. A time to come together with family and friends and share a beautiful day creating wonderful memories for the future.

Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on the year and take stock of what transpired.

Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks to everyone who helped you through the good and the bad times too. We so often forget to thank people who quite clearly should be thanked.

• The individual behind the counter at your dry cleaners who always has your clothes waiting for you when they see you pull up in your car.

• The receptionist who, without fail, makes you feel welcomed each and every time you call.

• The storekeeper who greets you by name and asks about your day…and really cares.

The list goes on and on. The people who make up the fabric of our daily lives and give it texture and meaning.

At this important season, say thanks to them too. You’ll feel better for doing so.

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