Don't Confuse Where You Work and Your Place of Business

Don't Confuse Where You Work and Your Place of Business

  • Hello. My Daddy is in the potty.
  • Hello. Mommy is out. Do you wanna speak to my babysitter?
  • Hello. My name is Justin. What’s your name?

And the sound: an infinitely adorable high-pitched child’s voice. There now, you’ve got the entire picture—your toddler has just answered your office phone!

Toddlers are a capricious group. At times they could care less about a ringing phone; other times, well, they lunge towards the sound like the toy they envision it to be.

Older kids can be led to understand the serious nature and negative consequences of answering your office phone and will easily let the call go into voice mail. But toddlers, no way, and just when you think you have barricaded the room (or work surface!) designated as the “office,” they will undoubtedly find a way to penetrate the perimeter!

Now sure, some business callers might understand your plight and the sound of your child’s voice might even cause them to smile. But really when we take the blinders off and see the situation for exactly what it is, it is truly a bit of an embarrassment.

The image that is conjured up in the caller’s mind is simple:

  • You’re not really all that professional.
  • You’re interspersing work with Sesame Street and tinker toys.
  • You don’t care enough to convey a professional image.
  • You bill for work that is executed while you are also tending to your child.

You get the idea. None of these are good.

In this highly competitive world where facts and fiction are known to get confused for each other, where image may not be EVERYTHING but sure counts for a lot, where client loyalty may be less than optimal, can you really afford to not present your business in the best and most professional light possible?

I don’t think so.

And by the way, you can get a professional  telephone receptionist service at a very affordable cost that will not only help you to avoid this embarrassment, but will also help your firm sound more professional, more credible, and more established. Remember, first impressions count! Contact Champion Office Suites at rogerk@virtualofficeny or 866.505.1225 for more information.

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