It's September and Time to Get Back to Business

It's September and Time to Get Back to Business

Year-End Business Planning Checklist

Ah, the signs of the season…kids standing at the school bus stop wearing brand-new sneakers and clothes, incredibly long lines at Staples and every other store that sells school supplies, shorter days and even a bit of a nip in the air.

And some other signs…a volume of trade shows and business expos (Click Here for upcoming Business Events on Long Island), a renewed ability to calendar a meeting without confronting vacation schedules and a realization that we have just 4 more months until we close the curtain on 2013.

Yes, just 4 more months to reach your business and sales revenue goals, penetrate those markets you want to penetrate and end the year in a strong and solid position.

It’s not too late. This is the time to make it all happen but without any doubt, you must start your year-end business planning NOW!

· Do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and figure out what you need to start or revise in the crucial last months of 2013.

· Ramp-up your networking and sales efforts to bring in as much new business as possible before the year is through.

· Assess your income to expense ratio and make modifications if you see shortfalls.

You have 121 days left between Sept 1st and Dec 31st. Let’s get started….NOW!

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