A Productivity No-No

A Productivity No-No

We all do it, and we shouldn’t. We are all proud of it, and we shouldn’t be. We all brag about it, yet it is not worthy of admiration. What is it? What could it be?


Why are we proud of it? Well, we like to boast about our ability to get a lot of different things done at the same time. It is a revered talent…but why? Study after study shows that the human mind is not supposed to multitask. The brain simply cannot handle more than two tasks at a time according to Clifford Nass, a researcher at Stanford.

Nass’ recommendation – stop multitasking. If you want to do more than one task stay focused on that specific task for 20 minutes. Then put it aside. Then focus on the second task for the next 20 minutes. This way you will get both done with a minimum of errors.

Give it a shot, it cannot hurt!

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