Technology to Make the Mobile Worker More Efficient

Technology to Make the Mobile Worker More Efficient

At the beginning of the year I resolved to try out various types of office technology that would make life easier for the “mobile” worker. One that I found particularly helpful is Dragon Naturally Speaking software. This is voice recognition software, very sophisticated, that allows you to “speak” your memos and letters and e-mails and Excel commands rather than type them. Since speaking is quicker than typing the software helps you to save time.

Also, as an “on the go” worker, with a small electronic dictating device, you have the ability to dictate memos, notes, etc. while driving and making efficient use of your time. You can also dictate waiting for a meeting perhaps in a parking lot or lobby or elsewhere so that you can easily take advantage of what would otherwise be unproductive time.

The software is very easy to use and can be set up with a minimum amount of voice training on your part. There are special versions for attorneys and doctors that are in tune with the jargon used in those professions.

I can highly recommend the use of Dragon naturally speaking software. In fact, I have dictated this blog entry using my digital voice recorder and the Dragon software. There were only two errors in the entire entry – in the first line, the software typed “resolve” instead of “resolved”, and in the first line of the second paragraph, it typed “in” instead of “an”. Both of these probably resulted from my failure to clearly enunciate the words in question.

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