Personal Touch is Important

Personal Touch is Important

It was reported on CNBC that Albertson’s, one of the country’s largest grocery chains is going to eliminate their self-checkout lanes and replace them with standard and express lanes in an effort to encourage more human contact.  Kroger (the largest grocery chain in the US) is experimenting with the elimination in at least one Texas store, and Publix (another major chain) “on the fence” about it.

They are responding to the fact that it is good for business to have human interaction with your clients.  Self-checkout lanes eliminate that possibility.  Human interaction makes your business more than a robot, and it allows your staff to develop rapport with your clients and vice versa. 

Think about your business.  Where has automation taken the place of good ‘ole relationship building?  If you are like most, your phones are answered by an automated system or voicemail.  Do away with it.  Get back to having a live person answer your phones.  For an astonishing low-cost, you can bring that personal touch back to your phone answering and you can set yourself apart, way apart, from your competition.  Our telephone reception service is the answer.

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