Are You Referable?

Are You Referable?

We are about to embark upon one of the most active periods of the year for networking.  Summer is over and everyone is focused on sprinting to a year-end that is only four short months away.  Everyone wants as good a year-end as possible, so they know they have to bring in the prospects to bring in the new business…and one of the best ways to bring in prospects is to network, network, and network.

 But is the networking going to pay off for you or are you wasting your time?  Do the people you are networking with consider you REFERABLE?

 This is a tough question, and requires some critical self-analysis.  Think about the type of people you feel comfortable referring to others.  Do you fit that description?

 When I think of someone who is referable I think of someone professional and knowledgeable in their field – but it goes much further than that.  I think of someone who is dependable.  Someone who tells me they are going to do something, and they always do it – they do it well…and they do it on time (or ahead of schedule).  They are communicators.  They keep me up-to-date with the status of what they are working on for me, so I don’t even get a chance to question where things stand.  They follow-up. They honor their commitments and never embarrass me.  People who are referable show respect and appreciation for the people they are referred to, and the people who have referred them.

 Now look at the paragraph above, and go look in the mirror.  Are you referable?  Would you refer one of your important clients or contacts to you?  If not, you know what you have to do!

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