Email Stinks

Email Stinks

We live in an era of Email, Email, Email. Email is quickly becoming the primary method of communication with in business. But are you really communicating? When was the last time you were really able to have a relationship-promoting dialogue with a client in an Email? In most emails, the initiator asks you a business question, and you respond. Communication over, task accomplished, onto the next item. But is that good?

Were you able to hear in the other party’s voice that they were happy or that they were sad? Of course not. Did they go off on a tangent and tell you that their child hit the winning homerun in the weekend’s little league game? No way! Did you ask? Not a chance.

Yet, when you are on the phone with a client or prospect, you can hear the tone of their voice. You can ask them what they did over the weekend. You can share stories, and you can develop rapport…and isn’t that what doing business with people is all about? Don’t you want to strengthen the relationship?

Email is a great medium to transmit a document to someone, to confirm an appointment, to promote your business through email blasts, to announce an event, etc. It stinks however when it comes to developing rapport and advancing your relationship with the person on the other end.

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