Spring is the time for Re-Birth

Spring is the time for Re-Birth

I don’t know about you but this weekend of weather was absolutely rejuvenating especially after the extremely difficult winter and the horrendous weather of the past few weeks. I found that I had boundless energy, that chores around the house that had been building up for weeks (perhaps months) got taken care of, creative ideas came to my mind effortlessly, and everything took on a much more upbeat, positive profile.

I guess it is not a coincidence that spring is the time of rebirth and that it coincides with two religious holidays, Passover and Easter, which also signify rebirth, a fresh start, and hope.

Now is the time to dig in and “sow the seeds” for the new business you want to develop over the rest of the year. Dust off your marketing plans and ideas, get out to those networking events, participate in self-development seminars, and go get the business!

Life is in constant motion. It is important that we all keep that motion moving forward, in a positive direction, as much as possible. Don’t stop dreaming and pushing and trying new things. Become your own “success director”.

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