Marketing’s Secret Recipe

Marketing’s Secret Recipe

All business owners want their companies to be world renowned, with a brand that is both unique and cherished by their clients. To that extent, the marketing of these businesses is an essential component to achieving successful notoriety. Unfortunately, though, entrepreneurs and business owners often struggle to find the best ways to promote and market their business:

Should we run Google AdWords or instead invest in a series of print ads in the local newspapers?
Should we reserve radio airtime or stick with the digital billboard in town?
Should we distribute flyers or set up a booth at the annual tradeshow?

These are just some of the tough questions business owners face in an effort to push a company’s message forward. Granted, sometimes owners

are successful at putting together a great marketing strategy that works and brings in a high ROI (Return On Investment), but for the unsuccessful majority, these marketing questions often come with the stinging consequence of wasted time, money and resources.

The reality is that effective marketing does not come in the form of a cookie cutter approach; rather, business owners must be open to the idea of experimenting with their marketing recipe. For all of the many business owners out there today, there are that many different business models, budgets and tolerance for risk. Having the individual patience to taste test different methods of marketing allows for owners to not only discover the right ingredients, but develop their own secret recipe for success.


Ryan Kahn founded Ryan’s Promo & Print, LLC, a promotional products company in NY.  His company offers products that range from custom-printed apparel to full-color tradeshow displays.

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