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Nassau County Bar Assn

  Proud supporter of Bridge-the-Gap….two days of CLE seminars for Nassau’s lawyers. Great group and speakers. Good energy


When to Divorce a Client

Have you been in a business relationship where there was a serious disconnect between you and a client? An issue may have arisen early, perhaps even at the beginning. Or perhaps a small problem grew over time and became the white elephant in the room. Whatever the circumstances, things have come to an impasse. You’ve…Continue Reading »

How to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Happy New Year, folks! Many people are probably thinking about the things they are going to do in order to make 2016 into their Best Year Ever. Whether your 2015 was terrific or…not so terrific, you better employ your best efforts in all aspects of business moving forward. Here are some suggestions as to what…Continue Reading »

What to Do When What You Have Made a Mistake?

We’re all human. Mistakes happen. Some of these mistakes are small, others quite large but one thing is always true: it is not what happened; it’s how you handle what happened that counts! Here are some suggestions on how to best deal with a situation that has gone wrong: Take responsibility for the situation and…Continue Reading »


Are You Always Late?

Do you know any of these people? The ones that are always running into meetings after the meeting has already started or arrive at lunch well past the time that everyone has gathered. As for what time they will arrive at the office; well, there’s an office pool taking bets on when they are going…Continue Reading »


Productivity Tips Coming

Watch our social media pages starting November 2, for a bunch of productivity tips to help you get ready to get better.