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3 Ways to Maintain your Composure When Overwhelmed by Work

Client demands and expectations, sales and marketing efforts, operations and production schedules, and the occasional human resources drama all serve to make our work lives very stressful indeed. It’s easy to lose composure and feel overwhelmed and taxed at work, which then compromises your quality of life and the “non-work time” you spend with friends…Continue Reading »

The Cold Hard Truth of Networking

As with much in life, networking requires action and effort if you’re going to reap its benefits. You can attend countless events and register for every networking group under the sun, but you’ll get nothing if you’re not actively taking the time to connect with the people you are meeting. Networking is akin to someone…Continue Reading »

How to Not Be Chronically Late

Do you know people who are always late? No matter what time of day – morning (“There was rush-hour traffic”), afternoon (“I got stuck on a call”), after work (“The evening commute is killing me”) – the outcome is always the same: they’re late! These tardy folks will openly acknowledge the benefits of being on…Continue Reading »

How to Incorporate Social Media into Your (Very!) Busy Schedule

Business today is rarely conducted without some kind of engagement with, or use of, social media. Social media is an impactful tool that enhances one’s visibility to as wide an audience as there can be. However, broadcasting yourself through the various networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!), and “staying connected” on each of them, requires…Continue Reading »

How to Give Constructive Feedback

Giving performance feedback to employees is an integral part of being a supervisor. Doing so in the appropriate manner is the key to positive employee development and improved employee retention. Here are some key things to keep in mind when providing constructive feedback, be it negative or positive: Constructive feedback must be focused on issues…Continue Reading »

Building Your Sales Pipeline

It’s a fact: if you’re in business you need clients to buy your products or services and regardless of whether or not you retain your clients for a long time (hence enjoying recurring revenue!), you must have an active sales pipeline. It seems pretty prudent yet some business people believe the following: If I build…Continue Reading »