What's Your Address?

What's Your Address?

What’s your address?

No, I don’t mean your email address; I mean the address where you receive your USPS mail and meet with clients and prospects.

Yes, that address!

These days many business people work from a home office and get their mail at an address that does little to conjure up an image of professionalism and business smarts. Clearly, the people that named the following streets did not envision business deals taking place within:

14 Happy Hollow Rd
37 Chicken Valley Road
1824 Mount Misery Drive

And as for meetings, you know it’s an impossibility to ask a client or prospect to walk through the laundry room or pass by mounds of children’s toys before they eventually arrive at your office door. The gravitas that you are trying to convey is undermined almost immediately.

Happily, there are options!

Champion Office Suites can be your home away from home (aka your office) and can provide you with:

  • A virtual office whereby you use our prestigious Garden City address
  • A private office when you need an office (full, half-day or hourly or as a full-time tenant too)
  • A conference room equipped with state of the art video conferencing capabilities

In other words, we’re flexible and we are there for you when you need us.

So, if you live on Bunny Tail Road or I Dream of Jeannie Way (real street names by the way), we have the solution for you.

And even if your address is Park or Madison Avenue our telephone receptionist and voice mail services and options such as copying, faxing and scanning, might be just right for you.

In any case, it’s certainly worth a conversation. Connect with us and let’s discuss the office solution that will work for you.

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