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3 Ways to Keep Your Long Term Clients Happy

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment wooing and winning new clients is getting more and more difficult. It’s tough to differentiate and in this vast sea of competitors, retaining clients is more important than ever before. Client churn is a situation to be avoided at all costs. Here are three things that you can do to…Continue Reading »

How to Remain Calm and Patient in Stressful Situations

Stressed much? Let’s face it – life can be very stressful. Everyone seems to be moving at warp speed and if a serious and stressful situation occurs it can easily provoke feelings of panic, helplessness and anxiety. These feelings are counter-productive and highly detrimental to your professional and personal well-being. It’s almost inevitable that stressful…Continue Reading »

Answering that Call….it IS Important

Brrrring! Who is it? While email plays an integral role in business communication—and indeed our daily lives—the telephone remains a critical portal into your business. In many ways, the telephone remains the only time-tested method of getting in touch with who you want, when you want. People reach out by phone for a variety of…Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Maintain your Composure When Overwhelmed by Work

Client demands and expectations, sales and marketing efforts, operations and production schedules, and the occasional human resources drama all serve to make our work lives very stressful indeed. It’s easy to lose composure and feel overwhelmed and taxed at work, which then compromises your quality of life and the “non-work time” you spend with friends…Continue Reading »

The Cold Hard Truth of Networking

As with much in life, networking requires action and effort if you’re going to reap its benefits. You can attend countless events and register for every networking group under the sun, but you’ll get nothing if you’re not actively taking the time to connect with the people you are meeting. Networking is akin to someone…Continue Reading »

How to Not Be Chronically Late

Do you know people who are always late? No matter what time of day – morning (“There was rush-hour traffic”), afternoon (“I got stuck on a call”), after work (“The evening commute is killing me”) – the outcome is always the same: they’re late! These tardy folks will openly acknowledge the benefits of being on…Continue Reading »