Persistence – Don't Give Up On It!

Persistence – Don't Give Up On It!

Persistence, stick-to-it-iveness, hard work, what has happened to that? It used to be easy. But as our lives become more complex, and we are pulled in many more directions, we find that it is harder and harder to be persistent…..and to get things done….the IMPORTANT things. What used to come to us naturally now takes effort.

Just think about it. When we were about 1 year old, we were crawling around the floor in our homes. Getting from one place to another without a lot of effort and probably being pretty content about it. Then, one day, we pulled-up next to a piece of furniture and got ourselves to a standing position and thought to ourselves, “Wow. This is pretty cool.” Then not too long afterwards something told us to try to take a step….and we did. And guess what. We probably all ended up flat on our butts. Yes, we all took that first step and probably failed. We fell right down.

Something curious happened next. At some point, we decided to try it again. Even though we had already suffered the indignity of failing, and landing right on our butts the last time we tried, we decided to give it another shot. Even though crawling was a perfectly good way to get from one place to another, we decided that we had to try again to take a step. And we did. And some of us succeeded, and some didn’t, but regardless, we all did try again and again and again and again and again, until we got it (after suffering failure time and time again).

What an example of persistence. We all kept at it until we got it. None of us wanted to stay in our safe cocoon of crawling. We all wanted to improve (aka walk)…..and improve we did! Whether it took us a week, a few weeks, or a few months, we all kept at it and walked. Our persistence had paid off.

So, next time you find that you are lacking the motivation to break through an obstacle, remember the extreme persistence that you had when you were learning to walk. You didn’t give up then, and you shouldn’t give up now.

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