3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

3 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

A happy employee is a productive employee

Do you value your employees? Are your employees happy and motivated, or are they discontented and uncooperative? Employee morale can make or break a company’s success and growth. Low productivity, increased absenteeism, and rapid turnover are signals that there might be a problem with morale.

Here are three managerial tactics you can apply in your business to strengthen morale:

Treat all employees as you would like to be treated.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for the work they do well. A sincere, heartfelt “Thank You” is oftentimes all that is needed to make a person feel recognized. The daily grind can become overwhelming, sure, but by showing an employee that s/he is valued, the employee will likely remain productive and positive despite minor fatigue. And, of course, there are situations when more than a verbal “Thank you” is warranted. Employee recognition “rewards” should also be utilized at your discretion.

Have a career path or some manner of advancement within the company.

Most employees want to advance within their company and will be more focused when they see their hard work will be rewarded with professional growth opportunity. While it’s true that small companies may not have many positions into which they can move, there are ways in which an employee’s job can be enhanced. Title changes, role realignment, increased responsibility, and training in other areas, can help an employee feel recognized and rewarded.

Have fun.

It makes good business sense and it’s not at all difficult to make sure your employees are having fun even when they are working hard. When everyone is busy working hard to get a project completed, bring in some food and keep everyone well fed. Hire a massage therapist to do chair messages, organize a company party or outing. Get creative! You can even have a rotating “Director of Fun” to help you come up with entertaining and engaging activities that will enhance teamwork and morale.

Most importantly, listen to what your employees are saying and make certain that your front-line supervisors are doing so as well. Fundamental to good employee morale is excellent internal communications. Once that is in place everything else is easier.

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