Business Networking is a Contact Sport (Especially in the Summer)

Business Networking is a Contact Sport (Especially in the Summer)

Ah, the dog days of summer. Sun and sand, picnics and barbecues; yes, most of us revel in the pleasures brought about by the season.

But work does goes on, yes? You might be able to take a vacation or half-day Fridays as well, but you sure don’t see many (any?) companies taking a break for 8-12 weeks.

Yes the show must go on and doing the work is one thing while generating the business is another, and as many of us know, networking can (should!) play a substantial role in business generation efforts.

· Networking breakfast meetings
· Networking lunch meetings
· Networking in the evening while standing around with a cocktail

I know what you’re probably thinking: been there, done that. But heck it’s summer and we can be a bit more creative, right?

How about these business networking event ideas:

· Networking excursions to a ball game (major league or minor league)
· Networking picnics at a local park
· Networking beach party at a local beach
· Outdoor concert (with networking pre-concert!)

And why not?

Business networking is all about building relationships and what better way make friends than at a ball game or beach. We don’t always have to sit around a conference table or be inside a restaurant. It’s summer and we can enjoy the season and network too.

Pool party anyone?

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