Don't Let the Summer Fun Ruin Your Business

Don't Let the Summer Fun Ruin Your Business

Summer is finally approaching and thoughts of sun, sand, shorter workdays and well-earned vacations are probably filling your brain.

Yes summer is seductive and can distract you from what needs to get accomplished. It’s warm outside but well, work still needs to get done.

Here are some tips to keep you up and running and productive during the summer months:

Set achievable goals that enable you to satisfy your work requirements but also allow for some additional “fun” time. For most people this isn’t the time of year when you are willing to hunker down and work inordinate hours and on weekends as well. Keep this in mind when you plan your workload and expectations for June, July and August.

This is a time when technology is REALLY a benefit. If you don’t mind the risk of sand in your laptop, (maybe use a tablet instead) you CAN really set up to work from the beach. The services that we offer help to make that a reality. Don’t overlook the freedom that technology can offer. Look at it this way – technology can set you free to be outside and away from the confines of a physical office, yet still connected, if and when you want/need to be. YOU’RE in control.

Get outside during the day. We all know the old saying that work must go on and for most of us that work requires us to be indoors for the majority of the day. That being said, you can still find time to go outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. Lunchtime or even short breaks during the day provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the season.

Don’t “use” summer as an excuse for diminished sales or productivity. If you know that it is more difficult to reach prospects because many of them are on vacation then you simply need to ratchet up your own productivity and reach out to more prospects. Keep in mind that although you don’t want to make excuses you should take a good look at your own goals for the summer and make certain that they are achievable. (See Point #1.)

And of course don’t forget that it is summer after all. Invite your clients to a ballgame, arrange for a networking picnic or some other sort of outing. The weather is warm and it’s a perfect time to mix business with pleasure.

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