New Year's Resolutions are Made to be Broken

New Year's Resolutions are Made to be Broken

Whew, well they’re over. The holidays I mean. So much build-up, so many months listening to Christmas tunes, seeing the retailers go totally nuts and juggling a frenetic calendar to boot.

Yes, they’re over.

And what’s left are those resolutions that you dutifully made on January 1st. You know that list of things you resolved to do in the New Year.

More of some things. Less of others. A new skinnier you, more money, healthier eating, better business, the list goes on and on and sometimes it is truly daunting.

We make New Year’s resolutions in the heat of the moment when we are all caught up in Auld Lang Syne and the momentum and enthusiasm are high.

But what happens next is truly the stuff of disappointment. You see we often set the resolution bar just a wee bit too high. We resolve to do too much, accomplish more than we can handle, try to eliminate things that are comforting and get us through tough times….bottom-line some of those resolutions are just too unrealistic to keep!

And so these resolutions are made to be broken.

Now if you are one of those people who sets “reasonable” resolutions that are scaled appropriately and, though might be a wee bit of a stretch but not a stressful leap, well you have an opportunity to stick to them.

But for the rest of us, nah, not going to happen.

And it’s truly okay because being stressed about breaking unrealistic resolutions is stress that you just don’t need.

So take a deep breath, look at what you had set forth as your 2014 resolutions and perhaps revise them a wee bit.

No one will know and if you redo them you just might accomplish them after all.

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