Home Offices: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Home Offices: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Ahh, the perks of a home office! Commute time? Just count the number of steps between your bedroom and “Corporate Headquarters.” Work-appropriate attire? The choice is yours, but I bet you settle on something more comfortable than a shirt and tie, blouse and skirt. You won’t even mind a little water cooler talk when your pets are involved!

The home office is seductive indeed!

What sounds like a solopreneur’s dream come true actually has real (and, for your business, dangerous) downsides.

1)      Believe it or not, the address on your business card conveys just that: a business. Your cozy dwelling at 123 Sugarloaf Way does not resonate the same as a professional location. Clients can-and will!-infer a lack of seriousness. Some may not be permitted to, or may even choose not to work at all with a company based out of a home address, no matter how solid the recommendation.

2)      Your company is established, stable, and ready to provide ongoing, long-term service to your clients. Working from a home office does not necessarily support that image. It may raise a red flag for people who think the business relationship will end with your next job.

3)      Rarely does a private residence have a space appropriate enough to host a meeting. The dining room is perfect for a casual dinner party with friends, not a formal meeting with business associates. A Starbucks is not a suitable back up, nor is the lobby of the Sleep-Inn Motel. They all communicate a lack of professionalism and reflect poorly on your understanding of set and setting.

4)      Speaking of setting, background noise and distractions can become part of your business image if it’s overheard while you’re working. The wailing baby, the needy spouse, the barking dog, the ringing doorbell-these may all become unexpected, embarrassing interruptions just as you’re about to close a deal.

All these variables considered, the “good” of working out of a home office becomes a lot murkier. Evaluate the situation, recognize your clients’ expectations, and know when to take your business to the office away from home.

To learn more about how Champion’s virtual office space and serviced office solutions can help you to overcome the “ugly” associated with home offices, call us today at 866-505-1225 or email us.  We will discuss your needs and design a custom Ready-Office Solution® for you!

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