The [Truly] Ideal Office Space

The [Truly] Ideal Office Space

Any real estate broker worth his or her salt can tell you that the ideal commercial office space will have a great location.  After all, “location, location, location” is the mantra of real estate. 

To be ‘ideal’ from a physical standpoint though, the building should be in first-class condition and should offer easy access via auto and mass transit. There should be a variety of amenities both in the neighborhood and within the building, and the building should reflect an image consistent with the client’s business. The specific space should have a nice finish and quality furnishings. The office equipment within a space should be top-of-the-line and the space should be technologically advanced. The building and its grounds should be clean and well-maintained. This is all readily achievable – though perhaps at a cost. Typically, buildings such as these command higher rents than their ‘less ideal’ competitors.

From a financial standpoint though, ‘truly ideal’ commercial office space is virtually impossible to achieve…at any cost. After all, the ‘truly ideal’ office environment will be flexible, growing and contracting with the tenant’s business and staffing needs. The truly ideal office space will have a flexible term – allowing the tenant to move on when he has to, or when he wants to, and not at some date that is five or ten years out in the future as most lease terms are. Up front investment in the truly ideal space will be minimal, and the time to get the space ready for occupancy will be “tomorrow” and not some date that is months in the future, when the work is completed…and after the inevitable delays. The truly ideal office space from a financial standpoint is not attainable – at any cost – because the uncertainty that it creates for a landlord, and his lender(s), makes it impossible to finance. The uncertain cash flow created by this mythical truly ideal flexible office space makes it an impossible goal….or is it?????

Enter the Ready-Office®. The Ready-Office® is a totally flexible office space in a first-class, well-located, well-maintained building where a tenant can move in tomorrow under an agreement that requires virtually no-upfront investment and terms that meet the tenant’s needs. As the tenant grows, it takes additional space, and when the tenant contracts, it gives the space back. The office equipment and furniture and professional environment are already there, and they are top-of-the-line. There is no protracted build-out.

In short, the Ready-Office® IS the TRULY ideal office. It combines into a nice neat, simple package, the physical attributes of an ideal office with the impossible to achieve flexibility attributes that the traditional marketplace cannot afford to offer…..and, the Ready-Office® is surprisingly affordable.

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