Everything is Your Image and Your Image is Everything

Everything is Your Image and Your Image is Everything

A recent “Guerilla Marketing Intelligence Tip” from Jay Conrad Levinson stated that “Marketing is every bit of contact your company has with anyone in the outside world”. It goes on to say that, “marketing includes the name of your business, the determination of whether you will be selling a product or services, the method of manufacture [or] servicing…the advertising, the website, the branding,” etc. etc.  In essence, marketing is EVERYTHING about your business

What Jay Conrad Levinson is really driving home here is the importance of IMAGE to your business.  When people interact with your business, whether as clients – prospects – vendors – visitors to your website – people who call a wrong number and get your firm – people who see your local newspaper ad or who read one of your press releases, are they seeing the image that you want them to see?  Is the image consistent from interaction to interaction?  It should be.  It must be!

Take a look at everything you do with regard to your business.  Make sure that you are projecting a consistent image…and that it is the image that you want to communicate.  Your overall image will only be as strong as your weakest link in the image chain!

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