Host an Open House and Offer Free Samples

Host an Open House and Offer Free Samples

Here’s a great way to get your business known, invite potential customers to an open house!

During the open house promote the benefits of your product or service and offer the chance to experience it first hand. Don’t go overboard with free samples or over extend yourself with free consultations, but a little taste of your services helps people to get past the “what if” and get a sense of what its really like to work with you.

Your job is to educate potential customers on your offering and give them value for their money. When you offer a free product or service, include material to further educate them on what other value you can add. With a free sample or a free consultation , potential clients should feel like they’re missing out by not getting the full product.

Also, when you offer free samples, procedures or consultations, make sure that you market your company in the most ideal light.  Make sure the office is spotless, the showroom looks as good as it can, make sure you offer refreshments, and make sure that everyone who attends is greeted immediately and treated like royalty.   If you make every visitor welcome, provide a great service or product and back it up with excellent customer service, why wouldn’t they want to do business with you?

And before you know it, they will tell their friends, and you’ve established a word-of-mouth marketing program which is the most effective marketing tool.

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