Corporate Gift Giving – Presentation

Corporate Gift Giving – Presentation

When it comes to giving a client or employee a corporate gift, it is important to think about how best to present the gift itself. After all, the impact is all but lost if the recipient doesn’t know that the gift is from you or is otherwise under the impression that you were in no way involved in the selecting of the gift.

Some quick tips:

Consider the packaging – First impressions are really what make or break a corporate gift. If the packaging on the outside of the gift looks as though some time was put into it, then the recipient is likely to feel as though the selecting of the gift on the inside was given the same amount of consideration.

Throw in a gift card – While these are generally considered a somewhat boring gift, when they’re included alongside something else, they can actually enhance the overall presentation of the corporate gift.

Include a personal letter – In today’s digital age, text messages, emails and other impersonal forms of communication are the unfortunate, yet widely accepted, ways in which we speak to one another. Presenting a personal, hand-written note to go along with the corporate gift shows the recipient that you are willing to take, at the very least, a few minutes out of your day to say that you value your professional relationship with them.

Keep in mind that giving thought and consideration to the presentation of the corporate gift, from a marketing perspective, is really a matter of spending time and effort on how best to convey a positive message to your intended audience.

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