Corporate Gift Giving – Customization

Corporate Gift Giving – Customization

When giving a corporate gift to an important client or valued employee, the goal is to leave a positive impression, one that will help re-affirm your professional relationship with them. To further enhance this notion, you might want to consider customizing the gift.

There are two commonly practiced methods for customizing a corporate gift:

Include a personal message – Show the recipient that you are not just giving them a gift because you want to stay in their good graces,  but rather, you are extending well wishes and commending them for their accomplishments (if it so fits).
Utilize brand imagery – Remember that corporate gift giving is an excellent marketing tool. By customizing the gift through utilization of a brand image, you are effectively enhancing that brand’s presence in a positive light.

Corporate gift customization shouldn’t be considered an interference with the value of the gift itself. If anything, it adds personal value and shows the recipient that you put time and effort into making the gift something exclusively for them.

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