Corporate Gift Giving – Choosing an Item

Corporate Gift Giving – Choosing an Item

Corporate gift giving is a terrific way to build and maintain professional relationships with clients and employees. In that sense, it is an extremely valuable marketing tool, one that should be given the appropriate amount of thought and consideration before being executed.
When choosing an item to give, make sure to:

Figure out the budget – This will help determine a variety of factors, including what you can afford to give and whether brand names matter or not; purchasing a crystal vase as a corporate gift is vastly different from handing out a gift card.

Decide where the gift will go – Whether it is for the home, office or something they can use while traveling, make sure to figure out the gift’s functionality and how it will best benefit its recipient.

Eliminate boring/impractical ideas – Simplify your list of possible gifts by taking into consideration the recipient’s interests; if he or she prefers seeing a play over attending a sporting event, they’re not as likely to appreciate the baseball tickets you got them.

Consider the gender – If you are giving the same gift to a mixed gender group of professionals, you may want to consider purchasing something unisex. If, however, you are giving something to an individual or a group of same gender professionals, you could consider purchasing something a bit more gender specific.

Remember, corporate gift giving is about you going above and beyond your professional relationship with a client or partner, so don’t give out just any old gift – choose something that will signify to the recipient your level of appreciation for them and how much you value their professional relationship.

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