Do Well While you Do Some Good

Do Well While you Do Some Good

Long_Island_charity_nonprofitChampion Office Suites will make a donation to local charities. When you use the offices and conference rooms during the month of September “Back-to-Business Month”.  You will be benefiting two good causes.  We will donate a portion of the revenues we generate from the hourly offices and conference rooms to the Tender Loving Care Foundation and the Children’s Sport Connection.

Tender Loving Care Foundation provides support to the neonatal intensive care units in the North Shore University Hospital system, and the Children’s Sport Connection provides new and used sporting equipment to children and families in need.

So help us to write substantial checks to these worthy organizations by making use of the offices and conference rooms.

Note: to receive any of the above payments, gifts, etc. your account with Champion Office Suites must be current.  Only office/conference room hours used during our regular business hours, and paid-for, will be included in the determination of how many entries each client will have in the prize drawing.

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