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Essential Items for the Traveling Remote Worker

Whenever I can, I take the opportunity to work from home a) because of all of the benefits, and b) to experience what my clients do everyday so that I can see what we at Champion Office Suites can do to help them become more efficient and effective.

I recently traveled out of town for 10 days for the birth of my grandchild.  I pretty much left on a moment’s notice and while I did a good job preparing the clothing and personal items that I needed for the extended trip, I found that I did a terrible job of packing the items that I would need to work remotely for the extended period.  I had my laptop and my iPad, but beyond that, I did not have anything that I would need to support my remote working situation.

Because of this experience, I thought that it would be helpful to develop a list of business-related items to have ‘at-the-ready’ for any trips that I may have to take.  Take a look at the list.  See if you find it helpful, and let me know if you have other items that you think should be included.

  • Pad – basically a throwback to the days before tablets, but I am still a pad/paper person more so than an iPad note-taker
  • Pen
  • Highlighter – I find them helpful.  Many people don’t use them.  It is a personal preference
  • Charger for Electronics – I find the Call Pod to be great.  It is a single charging unit with different connectors for your different devices.  With this, I bring one charger, and I am covered for all of my devices and phones.
  • Small stapler
  • Post-It Notes
  • Overnight Delivery Labels
  • Standard envelopes and some stamps
  • Portable Scanner – not a ‘must-have’, but I would have found it helpful during this last trip
  • Portable Printer – not a ‘must-have’, but a nice semi-luxury that is easy to take along if you are traveling by car, and perhaps too much of a headache if you are traveling by plane.

Please let me know if you have anything to add.