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Telephone Receptionist Services – Benefits

Virtual Assistant at Champion Office SuitesOpportunity isn’t knocking, it is calling……………..

……..and a receptionist is that caller’s entre to your business. Having someone other than you answering your phones is important. It establishes you as a successful company, in control, and professional.

However, for many organizations, hiring a full-time receptionist is cost-prohibitive, but now there is a way to overcome this concern.  There is a very affordable, alternative to a full-time receptionist, and it is called a virtual telephone receptionist or remote receptionist.

Remote receptionists perform the same professional-level functions as traditional receptionists but for a fraction of the cost. They enable everyone to have a professional answer, screen, and handle their inbound calls.  They enable everyone to enjoy the positive image of having full-time reception staff.

Here are just some of the benefits of a remote receptionist service:

Cost-Effective – Enjoy all the advantages of a full-time receptionist, while paying only a tiny fraction of full-time salary and benefits.

Positive First Impression – Your calls are answered quickly, in a professional manner, with the name of your company, the script that you write, and in accordance with your protocols.  It is no different than having your own, full-time staff member answering your calls.  Your callers won’t be frustrated by going directly into voicemail.  They will be working with a positive, fresh-voiced, friendly professional.

Calls are Screened – Your calls are screened before they are announced and connected to you.  This puts you in control and gives you the choice of speaking with the person now, or later.

Improved Efficiency and Customer Responsiveness/Service – Once you agree that you want to take a call, a remote receptionist will connect your call to you – wherever you are – at home, on the road, or traveling around the world.  You will be that more efficient, and you will be that more responsive to your caller’s needs.

No Staffing Headaches – You don’t have to worry about phone coverage on sick days, vacation days or during lunch hours. With a remote receptionist service, you have full, uninterrupted phone coverage. No more missed opportunities, phone calls or phone tag.

Individualized Support – Remote receptionists can provide live telephone answering services and support to any number of employees. Each member of your company can update their contact information or desired greetings as needed.

Convenient Single Point of Contact – Your clients need just one contact number to reach you and your colleagues. Remote receptionist services work with any phone system and you can use your existing phone number.  Your colleagues will all enjoy the same connectivity.

Experience – Remote receptionists are experienced and ready to support your business. There is no need for costly and time-consuming recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training.

Champion Office Suites, located in Garden City, NY, offers a highly personalized remote receptionist service that offers the same connectivity and performance you’d expect from hiring a receptionist but at a fraction of the cost.

Fill out the contact form or call us today at (866) 505-1225 to discover how Nassau County’s remote receptionist service can help you minimize the complexities and costs of operating your business. We’ll discuss your needs and design a custom remote receptionist plan for you.