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New York Telephone Remote Receptionist

Compare our virtual receptionist to a business answering service

Many people have the misconception that a live virtual receptionist is the same as a business answering service. While both are economical alternatives to hiring a full-time receptionist for answering and forwarding phone calls, they are not synonymous in terms of service scope and quality. Take a look at the comparison below to see the many advantages a virtual receptionist has over a typical business answering service.

Live Virtual Remote Receptionist

  • Friendly, personal receptionists answer every call. Your callers won’t have any idea they are not dealing with an actual company employee.
  • Trained professionals will answer the phone with your desired greeting.¬†Gives your business credibility and a positive image.
  • Can answer, screen and forward phone calls, make appointments, transfer calls, send text and/or email messages. They can also make outgoing calls, handle simultaneous calls and gather any additional information you may need from your clients, customers, etc.
  • Phone calls are always answered by a live person.

Business Answering Service

  • Impersonal. Callers can quickly tell they are dealing with an outsourced service. Background noise and chatter are evident.
  • Phone answers are typically scripted, sounding robotic and unnatural. Creates doubt in the caller, as they may not feel confident that their message will be received. The caller senses they are not dealing with an employee.
  • Only perform the simplest phone call answering and forwarding tasks.
  • Calls may be answered with a recording and voice menu system.

Champion Office Suites offers an affordable remote receptionist option that gives you the flexibility and professional services you demand. Learn more about our virtual receptionist option or call our Long Island, New York office today at (888) 275-5055 to discover how our virtual receptionists can help you minimize the complexities and costs of operating your business. Let us design a customized plan that meets your everyday corporate communication needs.