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New York Telephone Receptionist Service

Here are more details about our live remote receptionist service

Want a complete virtual office solution? Add-on our Remote Receptionist service.

The Remote Receptionist service is a unique live telephone answering service and is far superior to a traditional business answering service. Your calls are answered in the name of your company or with any other greeting you’d like. Next, we screen each call according to your exact instructions. We then dial your daily contact number, and announce the call to you and you decide to take the call or not.

It’s the same connectivity and performance you’d expect from hiring a receptionist, with the exception that our live remote receptionist service doesn’t call in sick or take vacation, works through lunch and does all of this for a lot less than you’d imagine. Our remote receptionists work with any phone system and any number of employees, providing individualized support to each member of your company.

The Best Staff In Town

Our remote receptionist staff truly represents the best receptionists in New York. We’ve gone through the process of interviewing, hiring and training the most qualified Long Island candidates.

Full Coverage

Because our team is more than one person, you’ll never have to worry about gaps in your live telephone answering service due to lunch breaks, vacations or even sick days.

Highly Personalized Live Remote Receptionist Service

The Remote Receptionist service is a highly customized live telephone answering service. We use advanced CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) to keep our staff up to speed on your latest needs, and you can call throughout the day to add or change anything about the way we handle your calls. Each member of your company can update their preferences and other information as frequently as they need to.

Follow-Me Communications

Professional Phone Support on the Go. Imagine having the same professional level of phone support whether you’re behind your desk, at home, on your cell phone or halfway around the world. That’s our Follow Me Communications, keeping you in touch and “in the office” as much or as little as you want throughout the business day.

When a call comes in for you, our remote receptionists greet your callers and screen them according to your most current instructions. Then we dial your cell phone or any other number you’ve left with us, and announce the call to you. If you’d like to take it, the call will be seamlessly connected to you, as if you were still in the office and we were at your front desk. You can also choose to send the caller to voice-mail, or have us pass on a message, just like you’d expect from your onsite receptionist.

Our service is far different than a traditional business answering service (view comparison)

A Single Point of Contact

Whether you’re out of town, working from home or simply out on an errand, your clients will only need one contact number for you. This protects the privacy of your personal phone numbers while making it easier than ever for your clients to do business with you.

Use Your Existing Phone System and Numbers

Follow-Me Communications works with any phone system, any phone numbers, and any number of employees. Like our basic phone support, Follow-Me Communications is individualized for each member of your company. All contact information and call-handling instructions can be updated as often as necessary throughout the day.

Let a live remote receptionist handle the everyday communications of your virtual office.

Executive Assistant – Executive Services & Support

In addition to phone reception and support, our remote receptionists can assist with a variety of virtual assistant services. These include phone-related tasks and other items such as data entry, copying, printing and faxing.

An Alternative to Hiring More Staff

Our administrative support services can be a smart, affordable alternative to hiring an additional staff member, particularly if you only need part-time assistance with specific tasks.

Fast, Easy and Dependable

One call to Champion Office Suites® is fast and easy, saving you from the lengthy process of hiring new candidates. We’ve searched for, screened and hired Long Island’s best executive assistants so that you’re free to concentrate on aspects of your business that can’t be so easily delegated.

Fill out the contact form or call us today at (888) 275-5055 to discover how our Remote Receptionist service can help you minimize the complexities and costs of operating your business. We’ll discuss your needs and design a custom Remote Receptionist plan for you.