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Roger Kahn Quoted In Wall Street Journal

March 12, 2012

Wall Street Journal – College Athletics Build to Business Success

Roger Kahn, owner of Champion Office Suites, was quoted in the NCAA’s annual March Madness promotion of student-athletes who go on to successful careers outside of professional sports.

Entrepreneurs who are former college athletes aren’t surprised by that attitude. “College athletics is a microcosm for business life — you have to be focused, disciplined, prioritize, sacrifice and deal with disappointment,” says Roger Kahn, owner of Champion Office Suites based in Garden City, N.Y., which provides virtual office services, telephone reception and executive office space.

His greatest moment as a swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania was when he set a “personal best” in the freestyle despite having a broken toe. “The toe definitely hurt on the dive, but the best Novocain I could have gotten was when I looked up at the end of the race and saw my time,” he says.

More importantly, he says the experience of being a student-athlete taught him the drive and balance that made him become a successful entrepreneur. “When I started in the insurance business and commercial real estate in Manhattan after I graduated, I saw the parallel to my life as a student-athlete,” he says. “Work always came first when it had to come first, and family and social life would bubble up to the top when it was the most important.”

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