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Newsday.com Quotes Roger Kahn

December 12, 2012

Newsday.com – Small Business: Making New Year’s Resolutions stick

Roger Kahn, owner of Champion Office Suites, was quoted in a Newsday article with this tip to help small business owners stick with their New Year’s resolutions.

3. A steady pace is key. And don’t try to tackle too much at once. “I think I would lean toward fewer goals” than a whole laundry list, said Roger Kahn, president of Champion Office Suites in Garden City, which offers virtual office services and executive office suites.

Khan makes resolutions/goals at the end of each year and this year was able to accomplish a few, including signing a sublease to take additional space in Garden City. “I put together an outline of my goals for the year and break them down into quarterly actions,” said Kahn, who also assesses what he needs to do weekly to meet each quarter’s goals.

As each goal is finished, he may add a new one, he said. “The key is constantly revisiting them,” he said.

You can check out the entire article here.